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Professional sound

Professional sound

Since 15 years we perform professional sound installation, for: concert halls, karaoke’s, hotels, conference systems, commercial local, public space, definitely, any space where required specialized sound systems


All these installations are customized solutions, based on your project, we offer the best possible solution, adapting to your needs.


Thanks to our extensive experience in this field, large multidisciplinary team of professionals and we work with the best manufacturers in the industry, your projects could be realized.


If you have a project counts on us.

Spectacular lights

We have technical capacity and product to meet any need, artistic lighting, technical lighting, decorative lighting, for parties, Christmas installations, shopping malls, hotels, presentation of products…


We are always innovating in the field of lighting, coming to create specific solutions for customers who need since we are aware that lighting is one of the strengths of any event.


With it is transmitted to the assistant, visitors or customers the exact feeling we want, thereby improving the experience of the event, product or service, so our technicians analyze every detail to design the perfect solution.

Acoustic limiters

SG AV Technology SL, company authorized for installation and certification of sound limiters or acoustic limiters..

When we find a noise problem in a house located next to a local leisure, and it is not possible run a full acoustic insulation, a possible solution is the use of acoustic limiters.


The sound limiter or acoustic limiter, it is a device designed to act throughout the reproductive chain sound, it allows you to control the level of pressure generated by a team of music so as not to exceed the levels allowed by the various regulations on noise, which prevents changes in local equalization.


Proper installation of the limiter takes full advantage of the features of the equipment audio, provided the best sound quality and compliance with current regulations.


Importantly, no change in the music volume caused by external noise such as shouting or beating, since the level of noise picked up by the microphone can be completely independent musical emission level equipment.


Sound limiter is an ideal complement for soundproofing, for example in protected enclosures, bars, restaurants, discotheques, pubs, etc… required by local ordinances.

Acoustic comfort

Acoustic comfort is one of the key aspects of the company: the customer feels uncomfortable and does not know why. The sound environment prevents clear communication. Other positive factors remain in the background.

Acoustic properly manage not only brings benefits to a business, if not eliminate the existing problems which make employees and customers feel more comfortable, increases productivity and delivers loyal customers or attract more.


For that there are multiple solutions:

  • Acoustical panels
  • Energy diffusers
  • Absorbent curtains…

Depending on the type of local and conditions of this, our technicians design the most appropriate solution and obviously, acoustic comfort is essential.


The first thing to look for a local is:

  • ABSOLUTE customer comfort
  • Maximum performance worker
  • Added value and distinction Business
And obviously, the acoustic comfort is essential.
  • KNX
  • Mobotix
  • Cisco
  • Control4
  • Crestron
  • Axis Communications
  • Hikvision
  • MikroTik
  • HP Networking
  • Ubiquiti
  • LG Business Solutions
  • uandksound
  • Maior
  • EliAcoustic

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