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Audición HIFI: Altavoces uandksound al completo

Audición HIFI: Altavoces uandksound al completo

11:39 07 October in Sonido, Uncategorized

After having tested some of uandksound’s loudspeakers on our equipment, we still had to try listening to a complete system, installed, as most of their catalogue are models designed for just that: installation (in many cases with building work, i.e. built-in).

For this we went to Manilva (south of Malaga), where the European branch of the brand (of English origin, Spanish agency and manufactured in China) is located.

They are also the national distributors, and have the main warehouse where they have stock to be able to offer immediate availability of uandksound products at European level. This issue (warehouse with stock in Europe, specifically Spain) is important nowadays after the logistical problems experienced due to the pandemic and which the brand emphasised, logically.

For the audition we had the entire uandksound catalogue, from the economical E and M3 Series to the new Reference, including the entire Home and Cinema Series range, as well as some of the mounting or installation products, arranged in boxes similar to those provided for this purpose.




As for the enclosures, they all come from the dedicated factory in China, where not only the cabinets are assembled but also the loudspeakers, filters and other components are developed. The only exception is the new Reference series, which was a first for me on this occasion, whose loudspeakers come from the British/German manufacturer Kurt Müller and are assembled in the cabinet in the Chinese factory. They comply with THX standards for theatres at the highest level.



This new Reference series consists of three models, two cabinets and a passive bass cabinet: the cabinet (model M1800SW) uses an 18-inch speaker with paper cone that supports up to 1600 watts, and its size (1038 mm high by 380 mm deep) allows it to be combined with the larger cabinet, typically in a cinema front that would be hidden behind the screen, with the three front cabinets (“LCR” left, centre and right) accompanied by one or more cabinets. This is the M1200LCR with identical height and depth, a two-way with 12-inch woofer and horn treble, and the same sensitivity as the cabinet (97 dB). The third in the family is the M800SR, originally intended for effects (but can be used as a front-end), with the same treble horn but two 8-inch woofer and a more compact enclosure (508 by 526 mm).

The enclosures have two switches to adapt their response according to room size and acoustics: apart from the possible subsequent equalisation, I found the latter to be important. SG AV-Technology’s room was not an over-damped room (the usual ones with a lot of carpet even on the walls) and if at first listen the Reference sounded a bit bright to me, it was adjusting that switch and discovering a balanced sound, detailed and airy in treble, but with soft vocals and remarkable mids, which surprised me for not sounding “honky” despite the use of these. Underneath, the cabinets sound full and the 18-inch box can get very low…



At SG AV-Technology’s installations we were not only able to enjoy uandksound’s Reference Series, as I said before, they had installed all the boxes in their catalogue, and this is because it makes it easier for customers to listen and decide for themselves which range they are opting for in their future system. Although I had listened to many of them separately, I took the opportunity to review them: we have the two big families, Home and Cinema Series, and within a line that is increasing in price and, as I could see listening to them, in sound quality. That was my first and great conclusion on this day, and that is that within the uandksound catalogue, the progression in budget goes hand in hand with what the boxes offer.

To highlight some of them, I have already mentioned that I really liked the new Reference. But not far from them are the S Series (S6) that use the “Ring Radiator” tweeter among the Cinema, for my taste a step ahead of the Cinema M6 and M8 with a ribbon tweeter, a little less resolute than the one in the S6. From the Home series, it is the M5s that stand out, which inherit a ribbon tweeter similar to that of the M6 or M8: these boxes, available as a stand-alone speaker (without requiring installation like the others) can certainly give a lot of “war” to more established or popular brands in the mid-range home loudspeaker market.

And a last note for the Studio Series active monitors (T6 and T4, they also have a matching bass box T10), which surprised me very positively and I am looking forward to test them more thoroughly: excellent in timbre and realism, something that is not frequent in an active box (they have their own internal amplification).


+ Large catalogue and local stock (quick availability).

+ Outstanding sound of the new Reference Series

+ Good product scalability in terms of price and sound quality.

+ Many configuration options or applications, from simple sound reinforcement to advanced THX cinemas.

+ Excellent Studio T6 and T4 series active monitors


TYPE: Passive loudspeakers for audio and cinema installations (“IW” are “in Wall” for installation), more details on

Home Series: The M3 (models M310 with one module, M320 with two and M330 with three plus the M800-II cabinet) and the M5 (models M500SR with two-way, M520LR and M530C with three loudspeakers and M1000SW cabinet) plus the active I5 and I6.

Cinema Series: The S (three-speaker S6-I, five-speaker S6-II and the S1200-I cabinet), the M6 (three-way 610 N and M610 IW, five-speaker M620 N, two-speaker M600 IW and the M1200 N cabinet), and the M8 (three-way M820 IW and five-speaker M850 N plus the M1500 N cabinet). Then there are the new Reference Series (two-way M1200LCR, three-speaker M800SR and passive M1800SW cabinets).

Studio Series: the T4 and T6 compact active studio monitor cabinets and the T10 bass box.

Custom Series: for ceiling or wall installation, models E610IW, E620IW, E610C and E1200I drawer.

RRP incl. VAT (from €209 E Series to €3605 Reference Series)

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