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Aspects to consider in audio for movie theaters

Aspects to consider in audio for movie theaters

12:59 22 April in Sonido, Uncategorized

There are many aspects that must be taken into account and cannot be overlooked:

  • Reverberation: it is essential to take into account the reverberation time of the room so that both the voice and the music have the appropriate quality.
  • Sound decrease: technical aspects such as the sound decrease curve and that it must have a double slope is something to take into account. Consequently, a steeper first curve for the voice and a slower one to lengthen the reverberation and make it more suitable for music, the technicians will be studied.
  • Absorbent materials to eliminate first-order reflections from the room, so that they are present at the bottom of the side walls and ceiling. As for the floor, use of carpets to produce more absorption. And also, absorbent material on the wall behind the screen to prevent the formation of standing waves.

Electroacoustic studies

In addition, it is absolutely necessary for the installation of audio in cinemas the analysis of the different digital multichannel sound formats and their adaptation:

Dolby Digital (Dolby 5.1) or AC-3
Dolby Digital Surround EX
DTS (Digital Theater System)
SDDS (Sony Dynamic Digital Sound)

For this reason, you have to rely on the professionalism of a leading company in the sector with proven experience such as uandksound.


Quality, design and technology in perfect harmony

Look no further, uandksound is the perfect company if you are looking for professionals for audio installation in movie theaters. We are the only design company with an innovative line of high-end cinema custom loudspeakers. Thus, we are the company that offers unique solutions based on the real needs of our customers.

Durable quality

uanksound products are developed with the best materials and with the best quality on the market. For this reason, the best distributors worldwide trust us, some of them being members of CEDIA. The result of our work is quality audio scenarios that last over time, we guarantee correct operation and absence of problems.


One of the concepts that we take to excellence is the design of the loudspeaker as part of the environment in which it is installed. For this reason, our loudspeakers go further and become a more perfectly integrated piece of furniture. We seek a perfect harmony between the sound and the element that emits it, which gives our products their own unique entity.



Pure technology

In addition to design, we are scrupulous with technology with a prior selection of the components that give rise to our products. In this way, the team of professionals carry out the necessary tests and that they adjust to the tolerances exactly. Likewise, the production of the crossover has a special importance in the quality of the diffusers and for this reason it is taken into account.

During the production chain of uandksound loudspeakers, they are subjected to listening tests and only if they are the correct measurements, progress is made. The most select ears are in charge of approving the quality of the product and only in that case are they marketed.

uandksound products for movie theaters are distributed in three different models, each with its own characteristics:

S-series models

  • S6 I
  • S6 II
  • S 1200 I

M6 Series Models

  • M620 N
  • M610 N
  • M610IW
  • M600 IW
  • M1200 N

M8 series

  • M850 N
  • M820 IW
  • M1500 N

Reference Series

  • M1200LCR
  • M1800SW
  • M800SR


If you need the installation of audio elements for movie theaters, uandksound is the company you need for experience and seriousness. Contact our commercial department and we will advise you first-hand exactly about everything you need.

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