Vogel’s – Product Update of ISE 2020 - SG-AV Technology
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Vogel’s – Product Update of ISE 2020

Vogel’s – Product Update of ISE 2020

14:07 16 March in Product

During the ISE 2020, the brand Vogel’s, of which we are partners, presented highly interesting novelties of the products that we will show you.

Vogel's - Serie PUC 24 - SG-AV Technology

SERIES PUC 24: Ceiling mount solutions for screens

This series is a new range of ceiling mounts for screens. A solution to hang a screen on the ceiling easily and quickly. Supports loads up to 40kg.

The round shape of this solution, allows the screen to rotate 360º, and as it is a unique click mechanism, installation is very simple.


Vogel's - Serie PUC 24 - SG-AV TechnologyTubes

There are also 4 lengths of posts to solve the height issues, as not all rooms are the same height: 80cm, 150cm, 220cm and 300cm.

They are available in both silver and black and as they are made of aluminium, they can be easily shortened if necessary. There are two separate cable channels at each PUC pole. A sturdy clip secures the cables in its place.


Display Interfaces

PFI 3015 Interface

Vogel’s has created solutions for small and medium sized displays and has therefore launched two solutions. For 50×50, 75×75 or 100×100 VESA displays, use the PFI 3015 interface. The interface is equipped with a 0-10-20º tilt function and a levelling function.


Vogel's - Serie PUC 24 - SG-AV TechnologyPFI 3045 interface

This other interface is for 200×100 VESA size displays of 200×200, using the PFI 3015 interface. The interface is equipped with a 0-10-20º tilt function and a levelling function.


Bigger screens?

For large-sized screens, the screen interface bars and screen interface strips of the Connect-it modular system can be used.


What is so special about the PUC 24 Series?

Mainly, one of the greatest benefits of this series is the rounded shape of the tube, thus ensuring that the complete solution can be rotated 360 degrees. Thanks to an innovative nut channel, accessories are now easy to add even after installation.

The PUC 24 series is also equipped with a CIS® cable embedding system that allows you to work with cables out of sight, in a quick and easy way.


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