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Access control system for the lock-down easing plan

Access control system for the lock-down easing plan

11:23 18 May in Product

Sistema de control de acceso desescalada - COVID-19

The lock-down easing plan has arrived and we have to take all possible precautions in the most efficient way. Therefore, at SG-Av Technology we bring you a product that can solve all the problems involved in the access control as well as the control of the necessary conditions to access our premises.

  • Control the access of your workers and/or clients
  • Control their body temperature
  • Control if they are equipped with a face-mask
  • Control employee clocking in
  • Compatible with existing security systems

SysConFace is an integral and autonomous access control system, which also integrates and adapts to existing systems, both for data management and security.

With this system, we achieve a solution that covers several mandatory aspects in companies and shops:

Sistema de control de acceso desescalada - COVID-19

Comply with the access control regulations that were approved on March 8, 2019, by which, all companies must have a schedule control of their employees from May 12, 2019. This solution performs this task by providing accurate, real-time data, and by transferring it to Excel tables for management purposes.

Maintain a controlled health environment, verifying that the measures taken for the COVID-19 are complied with, in an autonomous manner and integrated with the systems already in place in the company. This system guarantees access to the company’s facilities or shops and to those people who do not present symptoms of fever and are equipped with the required protective masks.

To sum up, a system that will facilitate the lock-down easing plan in our commercial and work premises, and that will also help us to comply with current legislation on time/access control.

Do not hesitate request further information!

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